About us


TribalModa | Our Story

We are inspired by creative tribes, people who love art, photography, filmmaking, fashion, humor and island lifestyle. These are the groups that define the world of TribalModa Inc.

Everyone has a need to tell their story either by words, action, artistic or fashion expression. People essentially wear their personalities with clothing that project their inner self. These expressions are most obvious with the printed apparel. While fashion borders on mystique, printed street fashion tells it like it is!

The words or symbol you wear gives us a candid glimpse into your world. Tribal Moda Inc. aspires to create an apparel line synonymous with fun, creativity and humor - with a special personal nuance. So be bold, tell your story! Wear your printed statement, whether subtle or loud, have some fun sharing your world!

We hope you’ll find our designs appealing or funny enough to enjoy wearing. You may just discover like-minded new friends, create laughter, conversation or even inspiration. You may also know some friends well enough to know which shirts will appeal to them, and there you have it, the perfect gift!

Thank you for shopping at TribalModa! Have a wonderful Holiday season!